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Toronto Legal Research - Effective Case Law Research and Drafting

James Cooper, a Toronto lawyer, provides quality professional legal research assistance and civil litigation support services to lawyers, law firms, and members of the public throughout the Greater Toronto Area (including Markham, Thornhill, Etobicoke, and Richmond Hill) and throughout the Province of Ontario. 

Over the years, Mr. Cooper has provided effective case law research and legal drafting services for virtually every civil litigation context - covering a diverse number of legal cases involving family law, contracts, personal injury litigation, wrongful dismissal, landlord/tenant, estate law, corporate/commercial law, and more.

Mr. Cooper has helped to devise winning legal
strategies and legal arguments for a number of Toronto law firms and sole practitioners, using his unique talent for legal research as an effective tool to troubleshoot complex cases, to ensure that his legal clients take their arguments before court with a solid grounding in supportive case law.

Academically trained as a writer, Mr. Cooper also provides clear, concise, and persuasively argued legal factums for submission to court. 

Turnaround times are quick and flexible, with fees suited to your budget.

If you require urgent legal research assistance, you may contact Mr. Cooper for a free initial phone consultation and quote at (905) 737-9994 or you may write to him at
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